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Thermo Fisher (Australia)

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Manufacture of high pressure sampling tanks

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Panama, Mexico, Ghana, Guinea

About the project

Manufacture of high pressure sampling tanks to international quality standards.

Since 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Australia) has partnered with Viva Engineering to fabricate their high-pressure sampling equipment for a number of destinations around the world. With international quality standards and cost-effective pricing a priority, Thermo Fisher Scientific has selected Viva as their manufacturing partner, to manufacture in South Africa before shipping around the world. Some of the more recent destinations include Panama, Mexico, Ghana, Guinea.

Tanks are manufactured to strict OEM standards, trial assembled, rubber-lined and painted. Viva Engineering’s team assemble the tanks complete with free issued mechanicals. Tanks are then packaged for shipment and transported to the port of Durban before shipping to various destinations around the world.

Thermo Fisher Australia partners with Viva Engineering to deliver sampling equipment to international standards for clients around the world.

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What they're saying

Thermo Fisher Scientific has worked with Viva Engineering since 2010.

Over these years, Viva has grown into a trusted partner who can be relied on for excellent quality and meeting commitment dates.

Over the years when there are issues that need to be resolved, they are addressed efficiently. There is a culture of continuous improvement which makes Viva a pleasure to work with.

Sidney ThomasEngineering & Operations Manager – South Africa

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