There are numerous benefits for our clients who elect to partner with Viva Engineering by combining the structural design of their project with the shop detailing and fabrication process. Our longstanding relationships with our Engineering partners results in seamless project integration from design into fabrication.

The design engineers and Viva Engineering’s 3D model builders generate a workable and cost-effective solution for the structural requirements of the project. This results in the generation of a 3D Tekla model of each structure. The design engineer is able to directly input the various structural details required from a design perspective, and these details are then incorporated into the model.

This model is then shared electronically with the detailer, which reduces the initial workload of building a 3D model using 2D drawings – as was the case in the past. Since all the ‘designed’ connections are already detailed in the model, the risk of information being ‘lost in translation’ between the 2D drawing and 3D model is eliminated.

Once the generic detailing is complete the model is shared with the design engineer for approval.

As the review is done in 3D, clashes with equipment can be detected quickly and easily. For example, a gusset plate added by the detailer which clashes with equipment is easily detected and resolved prior to fabrication, thereby reducing waste and fast-tracking production.

During the fabrication process, if any queries arise – such as welding access, galvanising and paint access – the queries can be quickly dealt with, as both fabricator and design engineer are working off the same model.

When estimating on new projects, a comparative detailed bill of quantities is already available to the design office and fabricator, thus providing an environment for an improved, faster, and cheaper estimate.

“On the Siguri project and a number of other projects thereafter, 3D Tekla model sharing and integration with Viva Engineering and our design office resulted in a substantial time saving as well as reducing our client’s risk” Alan Power, Power Consulting


Seamless integration from design into fabrication

Reduced risk of information loss

Equipment clashes are detected and resolved early on

Time and cost savings

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