As a fundamental element of the turnkey process, detailing is a core competency of Viva Engineering.

Viva Engineering’s detailing team has both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to ensure the most cost-effective and innovative solutions for mining, industrial, power and architectural projects.

With four detailing stations and using Tekla Structures software, our team produces accurate drawings that are fully integrated with the 3D model, providing fast, powerful revision control management. Drawings, reports and CNC data are created from the 3D model, fully automating the fabrication processes.

The Viva Engineering team works closely with our client’s engineering team to assist with shop detailing from the engineering drawings or data calculation sheets. Many of our clients have seen the benefit of Viva Engineering producing the drawing layouts making use of the clients engineering specifications. By negating the need to re-draw the model from traditional 2D general arrangements, we’re able to significantly reduce the project time and costs.

Added benefits of using Tekla Structures is that we are able to use it from the procurement phase, through the fabrication and logistics phase up to the installation phase to manage the material control on the project. The sophisticated drawing management structure (which keeps track of revisions) allows the detailer to model in phases as per the installation sequence, which in turn optimises the fabrication process. The use of Building Information Models (BIM) lets you create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models with valuable construction information with clients in various locations around the world.

“At Viva Engineering, we never go back to our clients with problems; we come up with solutions, and our design and detailing team is especially good at this.” Claudio Trocado, Drawing Office Manager


Cost-effective and innovative solutions

Fast, powerful revision control management

Reduced project time and costs

Easily share information with project partners around the world

Our Projects

Viva Engineering has delivered some of the industry’s most impressive projects across sub-Saharan Africa and the world.